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This page aims to provide a range of resources to support teachers in the classroom as well as parents at home.

Picture Quiz

Download our Famous Historical Mathematicians picture quiz and see how much you know.



Mathematical trickery
Mathematical Trickery

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Teacher Information (DOC 265KbPDF 95Kb)

Maths Tricks (PPT 654Kb)

Number Puzzles (DOC 25KbPDF 46Kb)

Magic Matrix (DOC 48KbPDF 32Kb)

All the Aces (DOC 6.24MbPDF 138Kb)

Johnny Ball's favourite card trick (DOC 4.8MbPDF 112Kb)

Mystic Richard card trick (DOC 810KbPDF 103Kb)

Download all Mathematical Trickery files, here (ZIP 11.9Mb)


Maths in Real Life Classroom Challenge
Maths in Real Life - Classroom Challenge

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Teacher Information (DOC 259KbPDF 57Kb)

Download all Maths in Real Life-Classroom Challenge files, here (ZIP 200Kb)


Paper imagination
Paper Imagination

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Teacher Information (DOC 267KbPDF 90Kb)

Paper Imagination (PPT 6.2Mb)

Cube (DOC 43KbPDF 48Kb)

Download all Paper Imagination files, here (ZIP 5.57Mb)


Air Miles - KS3

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Slides (PPT 6.03Mb)

Student Worksheet (DOC 643Kb | PDF 400Kb)

Teacher Information (DOC 264Kb | PDF 67Kb)

Download all files, here (ZIP 6.79Mb)



(produced by the more maths grads project)

Teacher Information (DOC 266KbPDF 85Kb)

Fractals (PPT 3.27Mb)

Grid for Sierpinski (DOC 25KbPDF 15Kb)

The Koch Snowflake Worksheet (DOC 266KbPDF 78Kb)

Download all Fractals files, here (ZIP 3.56Mb)



Cryptic challenge

Cryptic Challenge
Cryptic Challenge (KS3,  KS4)

Teacher Information (DOC 261Kb, PDF 76Kb)

Cryptic Challenge (PPT 4.82Mb)

Cryptic Score sheet (XLS 135Kb)

Worksheets needed for the challenge (ZIP 605Kb)

Download all Cryptic Challenge files, here (ZIP 5.43Mb)


The Golden Curve
The Golden Curve (KS4+)


Slides (PPT 2.57Mb | PDF 613Kb)

Student Worksheet (DOC 95Kb | PDF 92Kb)

Teacher Information (DOC 262Kb | PDF 58Kb)

Download all files, here (ZIP 2.63Mb)


Cube puzzle
Cube Puzzle

Data Handing Sheet (PDF, 80Kb)

Raw Data (XLS, 37Kb)


Shape folding videos
Shape Folding Videos (view all)

Liz Meenan explains how to fold different flat shapes using a single sheet of A sized paper.

Isosceles Triangle (MOV, 2.29Mb)

Equilateral Triangle (MOV, 4.20Mb)

Square (MOV, 2.74Mb)

Kite 1 (MOV, 2.42Mb)

Kite 2 (MOV, 2.64Mb)

Rhombus (MOV, 3.65Mb)

Hexagon (MOV, 6.24Mb)

Octagon (MOV, 7.79Mb)

Pentagon (MOV, 3.40Mb)

Download all Shape Folding Videos (ZIP file of all 9 WMVideo files, 34.3Mb)


The Three Jugs Problem
The Three Jugs Problem

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Worksheet (DOC 27KbPDF 39Kb)



Towers of Hanoi
The Towers of Hanoi

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Worksheet (DOC 9KbPDF 77Kb)


Spot the shape
Spot the Shape

(produced by the more maths grads project)

Worksheet (PDF 231Kb)



What's the point of..

produced by the more maths grads project

Ever wondered what’s the point of maths? Did you know that quadratic equations and probability can be linked to football and that trigonometry can be linked to combating terrorism? In fact, maths is used in a huge number of practical ways – more than you may initially think.

This booklet has been designed to highlight the ways in which maths is used practically in daily life in professional and leisure scenarios. The case studies guide you through the practical ways in which maths can be used from question to discussion and highlight the many ways in which it can be applied to an everyday setting.


'What's the point of..' Booklet (14 pages)

Colour PDF 35.5Mb | Printer friendly BW PDF 11.1Mb


The booklet contains the following resources:

Whats the point of integration
What's the point of.. integration

Colour PDF, 6.01Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 1.17Mb



What's the point of logarithms
What's the point of.. logarithms

Colour PDF, 5.24Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 2.07Mb



What's the point of probability
What's the point of.. probability

Colour PDF, 5.72Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 652Kb



What's the point of quadratic equations
What's the point of.. quadratic equations

Colour PDF, 4.42Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 1.93Mb


What's the point of sequences
What's the point of.. sequences

Colour PDF, 6.46Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 2.12Mb


whats the point of trigonometry
What's the point of.. trigonometry

Colour PDF, 5.13Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 1.55Mb



The Magic of Computer Science

Magic Book
The cs4fn magic book is a collection of easy to do mathematical card tricks.
Download it for free!




Further Maths leaflet

Further maths
Thinking of a degree that’s rich in maths?

Think of Further Maths

(PDF, 1.26Mb)



Other sites offering teaching resources:


The Manual of Mathematical Magic
Mathematics and magic may seem a strange combination, but many of the most powerful magical effects performed today have a mathematical basis. The Manual of Mathematical Magic is packed full of magical miracles to impress and entertain your friends.

Babylonian Maths
A free online multimedia resource pack created by the University of Cambridge's Millennium Mathematics Project for the Key Stage 2/3 transition shows how we can find out about an ancient civilisation through the objects they left behind.

Mathematical Moments
A series of posters that promote apprecriation and understanding of the role mathematics plays in science, nature, technology and human culture.

The Futures Channel
A website containing lots of mathematics and other sciences teaching resources, including many video files.

An online maths club for students, publishing free enrichment resources for pupils of all ages such as problems, articles and games. There are also discussion forums for pupils, teachers and parents, teacher notes and solutions, and outreach activities. You can even search for material by curriculum links.

Mathcentre -resources for students
Mathematics support materials, free of charge, to students, lecturers and everyone looking for post-16 maths help.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)
The ATM is a registered charity and was set up to encourage the development of mathematics education such that it is more closely related to the needs of the learner. The site is large and packed with useful resources, links and news for maths teachers.

Bridge - Ocean science
A website listing the best marine education resources.

Space weather mathematics
A page on the Mathematics of space weather from NASA.

The Office of National Statistics provides teachers and pupils with a free on-line resource offering up-to-date statistics linked to lesson plans and worksheets that deal with interesting themes that relate to pupils themselves.

Learn about O.R.
A great website about operational research, offered by the O.R. Society

Maths through culture
Mathematics and hip-hop? Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles.

MOTIVATE is a videoconferencing project linking professional mathematicians with primary and secondary schools throughout the UK and overseas. Your class can either be a part of one of the video conferences, or just use the excellent project resources available on the websites.

The MacTutor History of Mathematics
An enormous historical resource about mathematicians, with brief biographies and descriptions of their most important work.

Bloodhound SSC
The BLOODHOUND Education Programme will be available to all pupils from primary and secondary schools, and to students in further and higher education.

This section of the NRICH website provides a wide range of free problems, articles and guidance for A-level science students and anyone thinking of studying science, engineering or applied mathematics at university.

Discover Engineering
Discover Engineering provides a gateway to hundreds of brilliant websites for young engineers. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to become an engineer.

Engaging Places
A comprehensive guide created to help schools teach by using the buildings and places around them.

A-level maths resources for teachers and students.

Classroom Resources links on the IMA website
A collection of links to sites offering maths resources, listed on the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications website.

This site offers a large number of exciting interactive activities for pupils (access to a browser will be needed).

Cut the Knot
This site is aimed for teachers, parents and students and offers a large number of interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles, often accompanied by Java illustrations.

BBC's Skillswise maths resources
In this website you will find activities for students and material for teachers / parents. Although it is aimed at younger children than 11, it could be very useful for older students who haven't quite grasped the basics and are feeling 'lost' in the classroom environment.

Mr Barton Maths
A treasure trove of free maths resources for pupils, teachers and parents.

Scalextric 4 Schools
An exciting new curriculum project which allows students to design, build and race their very own Scalextric cars.

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here!
A science dialogue event where school students talk to real scientists online for two weeks. It’s in the form of an X Factor style competition between scientists, who compete for a prize of £500.

Cre8ate Maths
This website offers many resources, which are free to download. Some resources require you to register with the website before you can download.

Royal Armouries - Maths Packs
Resources offered by the Royal Armouries site.

Tomorrow's Engineers
Engineering-related classroom and careers support.

Sigma Mathematics Support Network
Mathematics and Statistics Support Network.

Rolls-Royce 'Every decision counts' Resource
An interactive game asking students to manage the Rolls-Royce research and Development budget over 30 years.

Rolls Royce: Interactive Resources
Interactive Resources from the Rolls Royce web site.

Online Converter
Convert mass/weights including kilograms, ounces, pounds, stones, tons and other units.

BP Resources

Virtual Maths

Do you know what's good for you?
A Plus magazine project looking at the role of mathematics and statistics in the biomedical sciences. In-depth articles, podcasts and classroom activities explore issues around the maths of infectious diseases, evidence-based medicine, genetics and maths in medical research.

Millennium Mathematics Project online activities
Free online activities and articles exploring maths and science in the context of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Free educational videos and resources for professional development.

Schools World TV
This site hosts the archive of videos from Teachers TV, and lots more.

Constructing our lives: the mathematics of engineering, by Plus Magazine
Articles and podcasts on engineering, directly from the engineers themselves.

The NCETM ‘essentials’ collection: Guiding you to the right solution
The NCETM online resources number many thousands of pages. It can sometimes be a little daunting to find exactly what you want and often useful sources of information or discussion can be missed. These guidance pages are the NCETM ‘essentials’ – pointing the way to solutions to frequently asked questions.

Learn and Teach Statistics and Operations Research
A website giving great advice on teaching statistics and OR. Lesson plans for school teachers
Save yourself preparation time by downloading free lesson plans.

Student Finance England
Student Finance England has introduced a comprehensive suite of new resources specifically designed for student advisors, teachers and tutors working with students.

Gocrackers (Tutor & Advisor Resources)
Ideas, activities and lesson plans to help teachers encourage young people discover the exciting world of STEM study.

The Big Picture: Number Crunching
A free online bi-yearly publication for post-16 biology teachers and students. The current issue "Number Crunching", explores risk and probability.

Maths Worksheets Land
Free math worksheets for all ages.

Maths on Screen
Maths on Screen is a brand new company working in association with Maths Inspiration, which has delivered inspiring, fun and educational maths lectures to over 100,000 students since 2004. For the first time ever, and in response to demand from teachers and parents, the latest shows, specially for students aged 13-16, have been filmed for release on DVD.