Your maths, or maths-based degree, is a valuable asset to your future career and there is a wide variety to choose from. The financial sector, the actuarial profession, ICT, teaching and academia are some of the most popular choices, but there are many other careers that you may not have considered.

Teaching Scholarships

Mathematics Teaching Scholarships

Are you thinking about commencing a Mathematics PGCE or School Direct course in the academic year 2013/14? Does £25,000 and a package of support from the mathematics community whilst you undertake your mathematics initial teacher training sound interesting?

Career Calculator

Career Calculator

Do you want to find out what career using maths suits you? Answer 6 easy questions and see what our career calculator suggests!

Euclid's algorithm

Euclid's Algorithm

Euclid of Alexandria is one of the most influential names in the entire history of mathematics. Although best known for his work on geometry, he also devised a mathematical algorithm for finding the greatest common factor of two numbers.

Expanding Universe

Expanding Universe

The Sun is just one of around two hundred billion stars orbiting around a super-massive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. In turn, the Milky Way is just one of around two hundred billion galaxies in the Universe.

Vampire numbers

Vampire Numbers

Meet the numbers that put the count in Count Dracula.

Events for teachers

Events, courses, and competitions

This page offers information on upcoming STEM events, courses, and competitions.

Maths matters main image

Maths matters

A series of short case studies describing modern mathematics research, produced by the IMA and funded by EPSRC.



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Advice from employers to mathematical sciences students 2

Advice from employers to mathematical sciences students

A series of videos produced by as part of the Curriculum Impact project based in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London.

Employee Search

Who employs mathematicians?

Maths graduates may not always be aware of the various employment opportunities available to them. This page offers a list of employer websites divided into several categories.

Maths Careers

STEM Careers Websites

A list of useful STEM careers websites.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Postgraduate opportunities

On this page you will find some of the postgraduate opportunities currently offered by universities and other institutions in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Business woman

What employers want and what you can offer

When you're out there looking for a job it's up to you to show a prospective employer how your skills match their requirements.

Graphs and charts

Postgraduate degrees in stats

Postgraduate study can be particularly important in statistics because many employers recruit professional statisticians at MSc level.

Finding a job

Finding a job

Leaving university and starting work may seem like a daunting prospect, but it is also a time of excitement and challenge.

Inteview panel

How to conduct a successful interview

Always, always prepare for an interview. Make sure you know what the company is involved in, and something of the company's history and background.


How to write an academic CV

Your CV is an advert for yourself. As such, it must be a well presented, visually striking document.


How to write a standard CV

Your CV is an advert for yourself. As such, it must be a well presented, visually striking document.

Career change

Looking for a career change?

Changing career requires a lot of careful thought.

Postgraduate student

Postgraduate study

Although many people are keen to get straight into the job market, there are some very good reasons, including financial ones, to head back to university for further study.