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Career profiles

Career profiles

What do mathematicians do all day?

Expanding Universe

Expanding Universe

The Sun is just one of around two hundred billion stars orbiting around a super-massive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. In turn, the Milky Way is just one of around two hundred billion galaxies in the Universe.

Engineering in action

Engineering in action

If you are thinking at all about a career in engineering, then the videos on this page are for you. Engineers from five diverse sectors talk about their careers, as well as giving real life examples of where they use A-level maths.

Weighing the World

Weighing the world

Find out how the world was weighed, through mathematics, on a soggy mountain in Scotland.

Shuttle launch

Escape velocities

Space is closer than you think.

Non-Newtonian fluid

Non-Newtonian fluids

When stressed, this class of fluids begin to behave very strangely indeed: they can get thicker or thinner, some instantly and some over time.

What time is it?

What time is it? From sundials to atomic clocks

The simple question of 'what time is it?' started with a stick in the ground and is currently answered by closely observing the inner workings of caesium atoms.

Yellow Instrument

Finding the lay of the land

Surveyors play an important role in our society, helping us to construct buildings and roads, settle land ownership, and draw maps. In addition to strong mathematical skills, surveyors must also understand elements of engineering and the legal system.


Knot just a piece of string

Have you ever struggled to untie a particularly tight knot, battled with the jumbled mess of cables hidden behind your PC, or wondered why your shoelaces won't stay tied? If so, you're in good company, as mathematicians have wrestled with knots for over 200 years.


Evolution 2.0

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution tells us how every living thing on the planet has been sculpted by natural selection and adapted to its particular environment.

get lost satellite

Get lost

Sat-nav systems have found their way into millions of cars over the last decade. But how do these small gadgets know that you've gone off track?

Employee Search Science

Science & Engineering: Who employs mathematicians?

Maths graduates may not always be aware of the various employment opportunities available to them. This page offers a list of employer websites divided into several categories.

Binary Code

What makes a computer a computer?

You probably think of computers as being made of silicon chips. But in theory, you could also make a computer from billiard balls, streams of water or chains.

Navigator and Map

Navigation by the numbers

Maths is fundamental to the design and development of navigation systems. They use many different branches of maths, but particularly geometry, algebra, calculus, and probability.

World Wide Web

Needle in a world wide haystack

Web technologies are a growing and rapidly developing area to work in. Not only do they provide lots of interesting challenges to crack with problem solving skills, the solutions that are found make millions of people’s lives a little bit easier, and may end up as household names.

Quantum computation

Quantum computation

Down beneath everything we know lies another world. A world where nothing is forever, nothing is impossible, and nothing is certain.

Wireless router

Wi-Fi hotshot

Wireless networking keeps you connected and cable-free with the help of sky-searching technology.

Higgs event

Smashing up the universe

The Large Hadron Collider is an ambitious project which hopes to find the smallest pieces that make up matter and study them.


Close encounters of the mathematical kind

Could there be life on other planets? Astronomers created an equation to help us look for aliens.


Million-year-old maths

Ancient dinosaur fossils are often missing bones, but maths can help fill in the blanks.

Ada Lovelace

The first computer programme

Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, was the only legitimate child of romantic poet Byron. At 17, her remarkable maths abilities began to show.