Haley Gomez, Lecturer in Astrophysics

Haley Gomez
Haley Gomez

Job Title: Lecturer in Astrophysics

Organisation:  Cardiff University                

Number of years In current position: 2

Qualifications: Mphys Astrophysics, PhD

I’ve always enjoyed maths especially when trying to understand physics.  An Astronomer tries to understand the Universe mostly using mathematical models.  I spend most of my day using a computer to create codes, modelling astrophysical sources and solving equations.   I also investigate data taken with telescopes. A large part of my day will be spent helping students and preparing lectures. I could be giving a talk at a school, another University or a conference, even using an Hawaiian telescope.  There are always questions to ask, problems to solve, research meetings to attend and articles to write.

I'm a curious person so doing something challenging everyday was a key factor when deciding what career to choose.   To be an academic, it helps to be competitive, hard-working, have excellent motivational, management and team working skills and of course, you need to enjoy the subject!

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Date Published: September 04, 2013

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