Heather Tewkesbury, Business development manager

Heather Tewkesbury
Heather Tewkesbury

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Organisation: Smith Institute

Number of years in current position: 2 1/2

Qualifications: BSc, PhD, CMath MIMA

The Smith Institute helps companies to gain a competitive advantage in their products, processes and operations through the application of mathematical modelling and analysis. My job involves identifying business opportunities for mathematics across all sectors of the economy and working with leading University groups to deliver industrially relevant mathematics. The most amazing thing about mathematics in industry is its uniquely transferable nature - the solution to a problem in one sector can provide rapid insight into a problem in a completely unrelated sector.

I became interested in mathematics while still at school, and saw some real life applications of mathematics that made me want to know more. I did a maths degree then went on to do a PhD in mathematical modelling of chocolate manufacture. Since my PhD, I have worked for Cadbury’s as Modelling Development Manager and the Smith Institute as a Technology Translator. At each stage of my career I have chosen to do things that I enjoy. Essential skills for my current job are communication and organisation, and an unending enthusiasm for the exploitation of mathematics.

Date Published: October 21, 2010

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