Kay Johnson, Software Developer

Kay Johnson
Kay Johnson

At the age of 20 I wanted to be a civil engineer, but then I didn't start university until I was 36 and by then my ambition had changed. When I first started a course in mathematics and computing I wanted to be a maths teacher, but very quickly realised that the computing aspects of the maths were most likely to get me a well paid job.

 After I graduated I became a Software Tester with IBM. I am now a Software Development Project Manager with IBM.
My degree certainly helped me get the job with IBM and gave me the confidence to pursue a career with them.
The course was very practical and gave me lots of opportunities to gain the academic and personal skills required to succeed in industry.

A mathematics degree gives the graduate the flexibility to enter any technical or scientific profession. The IBM assessment centres focus on a number of competencies including
• analytical reasoning - a maths degree gives the student excellent scope to improve this competency
• technical orientation - a maths degree that includes computing elements gives an understanding of the technology that is key to IBMs business.
• team working - a maths degree that includes group work gives excellent opportunities for students to be comfortable working with others to achieve a common goal
• leadership - a maths degree allows students to practice both technical as well as people leadership.








Date Published: July 09, 2012

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