Pat Bellamy, Research statistician

Pat Bellamy
Pat Bellamy

Job Title: Statistician/Systems Analyst

Organisation: Cranfield University

Number of years in current position:13

Qualifications: BSc Mathematics and Statistics(First class Royal Holloway College London), MSc Biometry (Reading)

I work as a statistician in an environmental research institute within a university. I am involved in a wide range of research projects carrying out statistical analyses and giving advice on statistical design. I talk to research students about the application of statistics to their projects and do some teaching of applied statistics. I really like the range of applications I come across – you never know what is going to come up next - recently I have analysed onion taste panel data, helped design an experiment on fish movement and analysed how carbon in the soil is changing. I have been interested in maths since school and went on to do a masters in applied statistics after my first degree as I wanted to apply mathematics to the real world. One of the skills that is essential in my job is the ability to put across what a statistical analysis can do in non-mathematical language.




Date Published: July 09, 2012

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