Adult Learners

Adult learners

If people miss out on maths at school or had a bad experience the first time round, discovering maths later in life can be really important in achieving your potential. The whole of the Maths Careers site will be useful to adult learners, but this section highlights some particular sources of information, advice and guidance for adult learners.

Studying for a degree

Going to university later on in life can be a daunting prospect. Decisions such as which degree to take and where to take it have to be weighed up carefully with family commitments and financial considerations.

But it’s not all that difficult! Universities welcome mature students and often show flexibility in accommodating them. They will take your work experience into account when it comes to entrance qualifications, offer part-time degrees and often provide child care facilities. If you are thinking of taking a maths related degree, then the information in the ’16-19′ section of this website will help you find a course and institution that suits you. You can get some ideas of where maths related degrees can take you by clicking on the link to the careers library of Plus magazine below.

Adult learnerIf you are unable to study full-time, or to attend lectures away from your home, it may be worth checking out the Open University. All their study programmes are based on distance learning, and most students study part-time. Even better, most of the courses require no previous qualifications. You only need to be over 18. If you would like more information, get in touch with them, they are happy to give advice and guidance.

The Prospects website has a guide for mature students; and the Royal Statistical Society has a very good guide for people who are planning a career change. Although it is aimed at people considering a degree in statistics, a lot of the information is relevant to any maths related degree.

Above all, think positively and look forward to a new and exciting part of your life!


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