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Welcome to the HEI / Ambassadors Section – information and resources for any undergraduate or postgraduate mathematics students who are working with pupils in secondary schools.

While you are in school you will have a great chance to help pupils learn – but you also have a unique perspective as someone who is currently studying mathematics to a high level. Why not take the opportunity to show pupils some of the exciting modern applications as well as the careers which mathematics leads to.

This section contains a wide range of resources to help you bring mathematics alive in the classroom and show pupils why it is an incredibly important and interesting subject.

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The Skills Transformer website provides science, technology, engineering and maths students with a structure to help them recognise, write about and talk about their skills: transforming them from dormant experiences to useful, persuasive evidence. Skills Transformer was created by Tania Lyden at The University of Reading as part of a project funded by HEFCE through the National HE STEM programme.