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Try a new way of learning about everyday maths – it’s free

Citizen Maths is a free online maths course. It helps you learn maths in a new way. Instead of abstract routines, the course uses practical problems to help you grasp some “powerful ideas” in maths.  You can then apply these in work and in life.

Citizen Maths is for people who want to improve their grasp of maths, and become more confident in using maths at work and in life. Maths may have passed you by at school. Or you may be rusty.

Maybe you’ve passed maths exams but find it hard to apply what you know to the types of everyday maths problem you need to solve now. Problems like using spreadsheets, judging amounts or assessing odds.

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What you’ll learn

The course covers five ideas:

  • Proportion
  • Uncertainty
  • Representation
  • Pattern
  • Measurement

Each takes between five and 10 hours to complete. You can spread this over a few weeks or a few days.mathmatics themed street art

The course makes you feel you are in a one-to-one with a helpful and skilled teacher. It does this using short video lessons — many learners really like these. It also uses demos and online apps. The apps help you to try ideas out.

The course is at ‘Level 2’ — the level that a 16-year-old school leaver is expected to achieve in maths.

The course is based on solving the kinds of problems that come up at work and in life. And it is free. All you need is access to a computer, the internet and a basic grasp of maths.

Is it right for me?

If you are still unsure about whether Citizen Maths is right for you, then the website has a nine-point check-list to help you determine whether it is the right maths course for you to pursue.

Go now to the Citizen Maths Website to find out more information and to sign up to the course for free.


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