The Maths Alumni Project – Message from Celia Hoyles

Director of NCETM – learning Maths Outside the Classroom

Classroom-based research and teacher enquiry are essential tools for mathematics-specific professional learning and for enhancing teaching practices here in the UK. Indeed the NCETM was set up with the express intention of providing a diverse range of CPD opportunities for teachers of mathematics in schools and colleges. These include support for networks of teachers who work together while investigating a chosen topic; the organisation of national and regional conferences and workshops at which the outcomes of these enquiries are presented, and the virtual support and resources available on the NCETM portal.

For me personally it is therefore very heartening to see a project such as this one: it had its roots within the NCETM’s “Learning Maths outside the Classroom” programme, then flourished, extended and developed.

Projects such as “Showing You’re Working” provide rich opportunities for mathematics teachers to engage with major stakeholders, such as parents and former pupils, and bring them into the life of schools. The use of the case studies also helps bring mathematics into the forefront of the students’ consciousness. The importance of forging links between the mathematics classroom and the workplace cannot be overestimated – it brings the subject alive and shows its power and importance in so many different walks of life. Initiatives such as these are invaluable and I hope inspirational to others.