More career profiles and interviews

Plus magazine career profiles
A collection of interviews from people in various maths-related careers, showing the wide range of uses maths can get put to in the real world.

Maths Careers website Interviews
This page offers some interviews conducted by Maths Careers website writers Jacob Aron and Kate Oliver. Interviewees include, Professor Peter Cameron, millionaire businessman Richard Farleigh and product designer Matt Candy who helped to manage the team that broke the land speed record for a steam-powered car in 2009.

Careers from the MAA
The Mathematical Association of America provides many profiles of people applying mathematics in both the commercial and academic arenas.

Early career profiles from the AMS
The American Mathematical Society recruits and supports a network of mathematical sciences departments that systematically provide job profiles of their recent bachelors-level alumni.

Career profiles from the Royal Statistical Society
Careers profiles of statisticians working in the actuarial, biometric, environmental, forensic, government, market research, medical, pharmaceutical and academic fields.

Women into Science, Engineering and Construction (WISE)
Profiles of inspirational women, great role models who have defied stereotypes and pursued their dreams to follow careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Construction.
A comprehensive careers web site for all graduates offering advice and information on various career paths, as well as employer lists and job vacancies. The site also features case studies and information on graduate destinations and salaries. Options with your subject
Discover how best to use your degree.

Learn about O.R Career Profiles
One major career path for mathematicians is to go into operational research. This is about helping modern organisations to function efficiently. Whether it’s transport logistics or financial issues, it takes a mathematician to understand the complicated systems involved and to suggest optimal solutions. On its webpage, the Operational Research Society has put together a list of career profiles.

Career models from The Actuarial Profession
A number of actuaries working in finance, investment and risk management have written a summary note describing how they made the transition to this type of work, and providing tips for others who wish to follow.

National Council for Work Experience: Student Case Studies
The case studies on this page highlight what students can achieve while undertaking a variety of work experience opportunities.

Career profiles from NASA
Biographies of NASA astronauts, many of which have degrees in STEM.

Career profiles from GORS
Some employee profiles from the Government Operational Research Service.
More career profiles, offered by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.

Maths: make your career count
Career profiles produced through The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) Project and funded by the Australian Government.

RCUK Case Studies: Careers in Research
RCUK Careers in Research hosts an online suite of stories providing an insight about life as a researcher and the different career paths which researchers take. The stories feature researchers from all seven Research Councils and cover a broad range of disciplines.

Republic of Mathematics
What can you do with math (except teach)?

Hidden Science Map
10 Minute Volunteering for STEM
A new careers resource from the Science Council, The Hidden Science Map, is being created to give young people all over the UK a way to see that people working with science are all around them. It also gives them a way to learn something about the thousands of jobs to which they could aspire, including careers they may never have thought of.