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Download a wide range of maths related career resources and posters.

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Where the Maths You learn is used.

Shows links between the mathematics curriculum and applications in science, technology, business and industry


A Quick Guide for STEM Work Experience Placements booklet

This guide is intended to assist organisations and individuals who support learners in STEM work experience placements.


Think of Further Maths leaflet

maths at University

Maths at University Poster

maths card tricks booklet

Computer Science 4 fun magic tricks booklet

A collection of easy to do mathematical card tricks.


Mathematics Student Ambassador Case Studies Booklet

medical statistics poster 1

Medical Statistics poster 1

Poster aimed at school pupils and illustrates how you can save a life by studying Statistics.

medical statistics poster 2

Medical Statistics poster 2

This poster explains how Statistics play a huge role in Medicine.

formula 1 maths poster

Formula 1 Careers poster

Astronaut poster

Astronaut poster