This site is a resource to provide a single starting point for those wishing to know where studying mathematics can lead. The website has a particular focus on young people between the age of 11 and 19.

In this section you will find a range of resources that support the teaching of maths in the classroom. These resources can also be drawn on by parents and those who run enrichment activities such as after school STEM clubs. What teachers will also find across the site and in this section are maths materials that illustrate aspects of maths in real life, maths in the world of work and the careers that maths can lead to.

Careers and real life contexts that draw on maths are not always visible in the school curriculum, but resources that set maths in context are growing. The STEM Subject Choice and Careers project (funded by DCSF) aims to support careers professionals and teachers with relevant, up to date information, resources and professional development to enthuse and inform pupils.

Key Messages

The site has different key messages to meet the wide range of target groups aimed at. Click here to find out the key messages.

Featured Resources

We like to feature innovative teaching resources involving maths and statistics. Check out the site regularly for new resources and get in touch to share your own ideas with others.

More Maths Grads resources:

Cryptic Challenge
Cryptic Challenge (KS3,  KS4)

Teacher Information (DOC 261Kb, PDF 76Kb)

Cryptic Challenge (PPT 4.82Mb)

Cryptic Score sheet (XLS 135Kb)

Worksheets needed for the challenge (ZIP 605Kb)

Download all Cryptic Challenge files, here (ZIP 5.43Mb)


The Golden Curve
The Golden Curve (KS4+)


Slides (PPT 2.57Mb | PDF 613Kb)

Student Worksheet (DOC 95Kb | PDF 92Kb)

Teacher Information (DOC 262Kb | PDF 58Kb)

Download all files, here (ZIP 2.63Mb)


If you want to see more resources click here.


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