The maths inside everything

Find out more about the ‘hidden’ mathematics inside different areas of research, including science and many other subjects.


MathsInsideCLEVER1The CLEVER project (PDF, 137Kb)
A team at the University of Bath created a space-saving three wheeled car designed to use less fuel and to be suitable for city use. The Maths Inside looked at the complicated maths behind the mechanism that was used to ensure the car would not roll over when going round corners.

MathsInsideTheStereoMission1The Stereo Mission (PDF, 73.1Kb)
A team from Imperial College London, University College London, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory et al sent satellites to produce pictures of the sun’s activity from two angles to create three dimensional images.

MathsInsideTheMengerSponge1The Menger Sponge (PDF, 108Kb)
A team from Queen Mary, University of London explain the maths behind a popular fractal, the Menger Sponge, which was used as a demonstration of their three dimensional printers.

Nature’s Raincoats
why bumpy surfaces keep the rain off
(PDF, 389Kb)


The Paleodedectives
how ratios help identify what’s cooking
(PDF, 1Mb)

The Snapdragon’s tale
a story of symmetry and dihedral groups
(PDF, 446Kb)

A molecule’s eye view of water
the hidden complexities of ice
(PDF, 2.38Mb)

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How do insects find their way home?
how vector maths gets bugs home safely
(PDF, 2.63Mb)

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Shining a light on gold
the optical properties of gold nanoparticles
(PDF, 4.35Mb)

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Fat body slim
how maths can get inside your body.
(PDF, 5.35Mb)

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The maths inside.. robots
There is lots of maths in robots! Think of almost any of the clever things robots can do- work their way around a room, reach out to pick up a cup of tea, avoid a wall or recognise a smiling face, or even dance to punk music – it’s maths that makes it happen.
Click here to read the full article by Prof. Peter McOwan or download a PDF file here (95 Kb)

The Maths Inside.. Crabs in spaceCrabs in Space (PDF, 163Kb)
How do sharks and crabs sense depth?
The Crabs in Space team applied a branch of mathematics known as hydrostatics to understand how a change in water pressure can stimulate the crab’s balancing system.

The Maths Inside.. Graphical passwords Graphical Passwords (PDF, 187Kb)
Will your doodle keep the hackers away?

How do computer scientists work out how ‘strong’ passwords can be?

The Maths Inside.. Wonder is carbon-landWonder in Carbon-Land (PDF, 406Kb)
How do you hold a molecule?

What is the most efficient way of packing spheres with the least empty space between?