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Bullet point CV    

  • GCSE: 4xA’s, 3B’s, 2C’s
  • A-level: A Mathematics, B Physics, B Chemistry, C French (AS Level)
  • Undergraduate (MMath): Mathematics and Astronomy, 2:1 (hons.), University of Sheffield 2007-2011
  • PhD: Astronomy, Exoplanet Atmospheres, Keele University 2011-2016
  • Pivigo Science to Data Science Bootcamp, March 2016-April 2016
  • Insight Analyst, Inspired Entertainment Inc., June 2016-February 2017
  • Data Scientist and Community manager, Pivigo, February 2017- Present.

My job
I talk to graduate students about careers in Data Science, I mentor teams on Pivigo’s ‘Science to Data Science’ bootcamp, and I’m a Data Scientist for Pivigo

The best of my job
I am a people person, so I love being able to speak to so many amazing people! Showing the variety of jobs open to them is something I take great pride in doing. To spread this message, I get to travel to universities all over the country and to both national and international conferences. Also, I get to work with some really awesome people! With such a welcoming and inclusive culture, I definitely feel at home when I am at work.

The worst of my job
The hardest part of my job is not being able to be everywhere every day. If there were more than 24 hours in day and 7 days in a week, I would love to visit every university in the world talking to the graduate students about the awesome world of data science.

How did you end up where you are today?
When I was at school, my physics teacher noticed I was interested in astronomy, so he gave me different topics weekly to read up on. As my knowledge grew I began reading more and more articles and magazines. In my final year at school I started a club where students and I would discuss some of the interesting articles I had read about. From there I knew I wanted to study astronomy at university but I really enjoyed mathematics too. I began looking at dual honours degrees. I went on to study mathematics and astronomy at Sheffield and my PhD at Keele. Now I am a data scientist and community manager here at Pivigo.

What transferable skills have your studies given you?
Programing, statistics and communication are some, but it’s the ability to pick up new things quickly is the one I find most useful.