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Name:  Lorna-Anne Reeve

Job Title:  Business Analyst

Organisation:  Bombardier Transportation

Number of years in current position:  Less than a year

Qualifications:  BSc Hons Mathematics

Briefly describe the organisation you work for: 

Bombardier manufactures and maintains trains around the world.

Explain what you do on an average day at work:

I am based in Derby for the majority of my time, however I work in depots across the UK. I support the deports in material forecasting and business processes to ensure the materials used in maintaining trains are correct.

What do you like most about your job?

Meeting other people. I work within a small team, however we work with other departments and speak to other people around the world.  The job changes daily and you need to think on your feet to solve problems quickly.

What stimulated your interest in maths, and when? 

I always enjoyed Maths at school. I then went to work in banking before having a career break when I had my children. After this I returned to education to complete a Mathematics degree for myself, and to be a role model for my children.

What influenced your career choice? 

I really did not know what I wanted to do once I received my degree as there were many options available. I focussed more on the type of company to work for. I wanted a company that would help me grow in my knowledge and career. Bombardier has great opportunities to develop with each project they have. The changing nature of my role enables me to use my problem solving skills to improve processes. I have a lot of support and encouragement to improve myself and move into management.

Which skills do you consider to be essential for your job? 

Problem solving, patience, and logical thinking are three which I would consider important. I would also add that you need to have the soft skills as well. Quite often you need to be able talk to different types of people and advise them, so being able to explain what you are doing is important too.

Any advice you may have for other individuals considering your career path?

Be determined and understanding. I found that some HR departments and recruiters did not understand what a mathematics degree gives the student, so they did not know where to place me. Take the time to write about what your degree has taught you and give suggestions to how this helps the business you are applying to.

What are your future careers plans?

I am happy learning my current role, as I am a single working mum it is nice to breathe a little with no more study or exams. I would not say no to further study in the coming years and I would like to progress into management again.