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The competition is now closed! This year we had over 800 entries from dozens of schools around the UK.

The winners for the Poster Competition 2015 are:

For the 11-13 age group:

PC2015- Hollie Mulroy - Winner
Hollie Mulroy

Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, Cheshire

View poster (JPG, 943Kb)


For the 14-16 age group:

PC2015- Emily Howarth-Winner
Emily Howarth

Sandbach High School and Sixth Form College, Cheshire

View poster (JPG, 633Kb)


For the 17-19 age group:

PC2015- Tai Tzu Chiu SamanthaEastwood - Winner
Tai Tzu Chiu Samantha Eastwood

York College, York

View poster (JPG, 343Kb)


The runners-up for the 11-13 age group were:

PC2015- Hannah Waiters
Hannah Waiters

Netherthorpe School, Derbyshire

View poster (JPG, 919Kb)


PC2015- Isabella Wright
Isabella Wright

The Ecclesbourne School, Derbyshire

View poster (JPG, 790Mb)


PC2015- Katie Leafe
Katie Leafe

McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster

View poster (JPG, 842Kb)


PC2015- Ellis Walker-McDowell
Ellis Walker-McDowell

South Axholme Academy, Doncaster

View poster (JPG, 1.01Mb)


PC2015- Millie Smith
Millie Smith

South Axholme Academy, Doncaster

View poster (JPG, 710Kb)


PC2015- Sabrina Chow
Sabrina Chow

South Axholme Academy, Doncaster

View poster (JPG, 547Kb)



The runners-up for the 14-16 age group were:

PC2015- Edward Pledge
Edward Pledge

Lady Manners School, Derbyshire

View poster (JPG, 447Kb)


PC2015- Reena Morar
Reena Morar

Turton Sixth Form College, Bolton

View poster (JPG, 443Kb)


PC2015- Aiman Tabassum
Aiman Tabassum

Trinity High School, Redditch

View poster (JPG, 755Kb)


PC2015- Esmee Howley
Esmee Howley

McAuley Catholic High School, Sheffield

View poster (JPG, 934Kb)


The runners-up for the 17-19 age group were:

PC2015- Emily Wolfenden
Emily Wolfenden

Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, Norwich

View poster (JPG, 851Kb)


PC2015- Erin Hales
Erin Hales

School of Mathematics, University of Manchester

View poster (JPG, 548Kb)


Congratulations to all winners and runners-up and many thanks to all participants for the brilliant entries you sent us!


The next poster competition will be announced in September and will be in conjunction with the Citi Money Gallery at the British Museum. Don’t miss your chance to take part! More amazing prizes to be won!