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Job Title: Uncertainty Analyst

Organisation: National Oceanography Centre

Number of years in current position: 3

Qualifications: BA, MA, PhD

The National Oceanography Centre, Southampton is a UK “Centre of Excellence” devoted to understanding marine science from an interdisciplinary perspective. Engineers, biologists, mathematicians, chemists, and physicists work together to study all aspects of the oceans.

Currently, I am studying uncertainty in climate prediction models, with an aim of better understanding global warming.

This work involves using a wide variety of mathematical techniques that I can bring to bear on the issue of global climate change. I enjoy the challenge of writing academic papers: the wording must be precise, yet cautious; objective, yet exiting; clear, yet not oversimplified.

Mathematics is a very desirable skill, always in demand by a variety of employers. I have worked in academia (lecturing in environmental modelling), actuarial science (consultancy), regulatory organizations (health and safety), and now oceanography. There are a wide variety of careers open to mathematics graduates, and this is one of the many reasons I chose (and continue) to study this fascinating subject.