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Download or order a wide range of maths related career resources and posters.

You can download a list of STEM jobs linked to maths here.


Mathscareers poster
Maths Careers poster (PDF, 3.4Mb)

Maths Careers postcard (PDF, 915Kb)



Where the maths you learn is used
Where the maths you learn is used booklet (PDF, 6.51Mb)

Explicit links from the mathematics curriculum to applications in science, technology, business and industry...



STEM work experience
A Quick Guide for STEM Work Experience Placements booklet (PDF, 1.94Mb)

This guide is intended to assist organisations and individuals who support learners in STEM work experience placements.



When will i ever need maths
When will I ever need maths?Well, you might have to use it in Art, Food Technology, Physical Education, Science, ICT, Geography, Business studies...

Seven A4 Posters booklet (PDF, 31.4Mb)

Seven A3 Posters booklet (PDF, 11.9Mb)

Seven A6 Postcards booklet (PDF, 14Mb)


What's the point of logarithms
What's the point of...?

Integration (Colour PDF, 6.01Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 1.17Mb)

Logarithms (Colour PDF, 5.24Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 2.07Mb)

Probability (Colour PDF, 5.72Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 6.52Kb)

Quadratic equations (Colour PDF, 4.42Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 1.93Mb)

Sequences (Colour PDF, 6.46Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 2.12Mb)

Trigonometry (Colour PDF, 5.13Mb) (Monochrome PDF, 1.55Mb)


Origami Posters

See the maths in aerospace
 (PDF, 686Kb)

See the maths in architecture (PDF, 3.1Mb)

See the maths in music (PDF, 2.79Mb)

See the maths in sport (PDF, 3.04Mb)

See the maths in navigation (PDF, 2.89Mb)

See the maths in nature (PDF, 2.99Mb)


Every day maths leaflet
Everyday Maths Booklet

8 pages, Colour PDF, 10Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 8.37Mb

Young persons info leaflet
Make a positive decision for your future! Booklet

4 pages, Colour PDF, 9.44Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 3.84Mb

Adults info leafletIncreasing the Supply of Mathematical Sciences Graduates Booklet

4 pages, Colour PDF, 6.88Mb

Printer Friendly BW PDF, 1.42Mb

Maths careers leafletMaths Careers Booklet

20 pages, Colour PDF, 9.44Mb

Printer friendly BW PDF, 2.83Mb

Further mathsThinking of a degree that’s rich in maths? Think of Further Maths (PDF, 1.26Mb)


Colour Poster, PDF 7.6Mb

mmgA-level Posters
Which A-level subject gives you access to a thousand different careers? (PDF, 491Kb)

Where will A-level maths take you? (PDF, 277Kb)

produced by the more maths grads project

Two excellent posters illustrating the thousands of careers that a maths A-level gives you access to.

mmg50-50magMore maths grads article on 50:50 Magazine

A degree in the mathematical sciences can take you anywhere!

Mathematics have the lowest levels unemployment.

Mathematics is everywhere, it’s involved in every aspect of your day.

Download the 6-page article to find out more (PDF 1.3Mb)

mmg leafletMore maths grads careers leaflet (PDF, 335Kb)

A 3-page leaflet illustrating why maths is the most useful subject you can do.

Magic Book

Magic Book

The cs4fn magic book is a collection of easy to do mathematical card tricks.
Download it for free!



PSI medical posters
PSI Medical Statistics Poster 1

(PDF, 1.10Mb)

The poster is aimed at school pupils and illustrates how you can save a life by studying Statistics!

PSI Medical Statistics Poster 2 (PDF, 111Kb)

Statistics plays a huge role in Medicine. This poster explains why!

Formula one posterFormula 1 Careers Poster (PDF, 199Kb)

Astronaut Careers Poster (PDF, 159KB)


The two posters highlight the ways mathematics is useful to Formula 1 technicians and astronauts.


Future Morph Poster (PDF, 975Kb)

Future Moprh posterThis poster has been produced to help raise awareness of the many and varied employment opportunities available from studying science and mathematics.The poster can be displayed as it is or you can create your own poster by adding images to the blank template on the reverse side. Why not set it as a group task and encourage your students to use Future Morph to research potential roles?


Maths on the Underground posters

Underground posters maths connects
Maths connects...

(JPG, 245Kb)
Underground posters: maths counts
Maths counts...
(JPG, 328Kb)
Underground posters: maths hots up
Maths hots up...
(JPG, 302Kb)
Underground posters: maths is cool
Maths is cool...
(JPG, 247Kb)
Underground posters: maths predicts
Maths predicts...
(JPG, 298Kb)
Underground posters: maths stir
Maths stirs...
(JPG, 337Kb)



Plus magazine posters

Plus_poster (PDF, 2.8Mb)

produced by Plus magazine

A colourful poster from free online maths magazine Plus.

MathsForSkills (PDF, 342Kb)

produced by Plus magazine.

This poster focuses on the transferable skills maths students develop. It also highlights the great range of careers opened up by studying maths.

Maths opens doors (PDF, 348Kb)

produced by Plus magazine

A poster highlighting the way studying maths opens new career opportunities.

Maths makes a difference (PDF, 398Kb)

produced by Plus magazine

A poster highlighting the opportunities available to maths students.

Do you know what's good for you (PDF, 17MB)

produced by Plus magazine

A poster highlighting the importance of mathematics in medicine.

Maths of Engineering (PDF, 684Kb)

produced by Plus magazine

A poster highlighting the importance of maths in engineering.