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  • How to fund your Maths PhD

    How to fund your Maths PhD

    If you are thinking about completing a maths PhD then you will probably have lots of questions. Which topic should you study and at which university? How do you apply and by when? Most applicants are also wondering how they will fund their maths PhD, with access to funding being a major factor in their […]

  • Mathematics at Aberystwyth University

    Mathematics at Aberystwyth University

    Aberystwyth was the first university to teach mathematics in Wales and in 2022 we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of “Mathematics by the Sea”. Aberystwyth's Department of Mathematics offers a broad range of three and four year mathematics degrees.

  • The mathematics of football

    The mathematics of football

    You might think football and mathematics have nothing in common. Prepare to be surprised by five links between mathematics and the beautiful game. The perfect football A lot of research has been done into what makes the perfect football. Applied mathematics research has shown that the smoothness of a football affects the spin and speed […]