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  • F1 strategy and pit stops

    F1 strategy and pit stops

    In Formula One, fractions of a second can mean the difference between crossing the finish line first or second. Such minute differences mean huge investment has been made in order to engineer a faster car. However, mathematicians trained in operational research techniques are increasingly being employed to provide the cutting edge in a different way: pit stop strategy.

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  • Career profiles

    Career profiles

    The range of careers open to STEM graduates is very broad indeed. To give you an idea, we have put together a collection of personal career profiles of STEM graduates, as well as links to other websites that feature such profiles.

  • Engineering in action

    Engineering in action

    Maths is used everywhere and creates endless career opportunities. If you are thinking at all about a career in engineering, then these videos are for you. Engineers from five diverse sectors talk about their careers, as well as giving real life examples of where they use A-level maths.

  • Thinking about teaching Mathematics…

    Thinking about teaching Mathematics…

    Are you thinking about commencing a Mathematics PGCE or School Direct course in the academic year 2013/14? Does £25,000 and a package of support from the mathematics community whilst you undertake your mathematics initial teacher training sound interesting?

  • National HE STEM Programme Videos

    National HE STEM Programme Videos

    A suite of video-based, STEM open educational resources for use by students, outreach practitioners, subject specialists and staff developers. The resources will help encourage progression from tertiary education into higher education and will enhance the sharing of good practice in teaching STEM subjects.