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  • Poster Competition 2015

    Poster Competition 2015

    Ever wondered about the people behind the maths you learn at school? Then why not enter our competition to design a poster about a mathematician from the past? You could win an android tablet!!

  • Career profiles

    Career profiles

    The range of careers open to STEM graduates is very broad indeed. To give you an idea, we have put together a collection of personal career profiles of STEM graduates, as well as links to other websites that feature such profiles.

  • Taxicab Geometry

    Taxicab Geometry

    In Euclidean Geometry you measure the distance between two points as being the direct distance as the crow flies, whereas in Taxicab Geometry you are confined to moving along the lines of a grid. One of the wonderful things about Taxicab geometry is that you can keep on investigating all manner of shapes and geometrical properties.

  • Euler's Formula

    Euler's Formula

    Euler's formula deals with shapes called Polyhedra. It can be understood by someone in Year 7, but is also interesting enough to be studied in universities as part of the mathematical area called topology.

  • Join the IMA

    Join the IMA

    The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is the Professional and Learned Society for mathematics in the United Kingdom and we believe all those with mathematical interests should be members. By joining the Institute you are asserting that mathematics is important to the development of society and that it should be valued, celebrated and encouraged.