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  • Motorway mathematics

    Motorway mathematics

    You may have encountered what are known as ‘phantom traffic jams’ when driving along the motorway. This is when a traffic jam appears out of nowhere, before mysteriously disappearing again, without any sign of an accident or obvious cause of the jam.   Phantom traffic jams are extremely frustrating and lots of mathematical research has been […]

  • Percolating Possibilities

    Percolating Possibilities

    Imagine you are a farmer who owns an orchard. One of your greatest fears is that blight spreads through your orchard, destroying your crops and ruining your livelihood. You therefore want to know how best to plant your trees in order to minimise the chance of the blight taking over. Mathematicians have modelled this problem […]

  • Puzzle of the month (October 2015)

    Puzzle of the month (October 2015)

    Matching Sock Problem   10 green socks and 10 yellow socks are mixed up in your sock drawer.   When you are reaching for your socks in the dark and cannot see, how many socks must you take out so that you can guarantee that you have a pair?   Solution

  • Where do maths graduates actually work?

    Where do maths graduates actually work?

    The latest research If you are considering taking a mathematics related degree, then make sure you read this article as it will help you understand your excellent potential job prospects once you graduate. A new report published in 2015 by the Council for Mathematical Sciences (CMS) about the graduate destinations of mathematical sciences graduates has […]

  • The mathematics of crowds

    The mathematics of crowds

    Have you ever been in a really crowded place? It might have been at a concert or on a busy train, or maybe even at the January sales. It can feel pretty uncomfortable, but in some situations it can be lethal, when crowds become so dense that people start to be injured. Probably the most […]

  • The mathematics of football

    The mathematics of football

    You might think football and mathematics have nothing in common. Prepare to be surprised by five links between mathematics and the beautiful game. The perfect football A lot of research has been done into what makes the perfect football. Applied mathematics research has shown that the smoothness of a football affects the spin and speed […]