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  • Poster Competition 2015

    Poster Competition 2015

    Ever wondered about the people behind the maths you learn at school? Then why not enter our competition to design a poster about a mathematician from the past? You could win an android tablet!!

  • Career profiles

    Career profiles

    The range of careers open to STEM graduates is very broad indeed. To give you an idea, we have put together a collection of personal career profiles of STEM graduates, as well as links to other websites that feature such profiles.

  • The butterfly effect and the maths of chaos

    The butterfly effect and the maths of chaos

    You may already have heard of the Butterfly Effect - the idea that an event as small as the flap of a butterfly’s wings can change the course of history. The term has entered the public’s imagination and we can all think of examples in our own lives of small insignificant events which then have had a big impact later on.

  • Epidemic emergency – the fight against Ebola

    Epidemic emergency – the fight against Ebola

    The spread of Ebola has caused more fear than any other disease in recent times. It has spread rapidly through West Africa, taking thousands of lives in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea and has even infected a few people in Europe and the U.S. What you may not realise is that when a disease starts to get out of control; mathematics plays a vital role in the battle to stop the epidemic.