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  • Who employs mathematicians?

    Who employs mathematicians?

    Maths graduates may not always be aware of the various employment opportunities available to them. Below we offer a list of employer websites divided into several categories. This list is just a sample of the organisations who employ graduates with mathematical skills. There are many more. Accountancy | Aerospace & Defence | Automotive | Biosciences […]

  • Five famous female Mathematicians

    Five famous female Mathematicians

    You may not have heard about many famous female mathematicians. This is because until relatively recently it wasn't easy for women to go to university, let alone have a career in science or mathematics. Despite this, there have been women throughout history who have made great discoveries and many more making great discoveries today. Hypatia […]

  • Practical Applications of Algebra

    Practical Applications of Algebra

    It's easy to think of algebra as an abstract notion that has no use in real life. Understanding the history and the practical applications of algebra that are put into use every day might make you see it a little differently. The main idea behind algebra is to replace numbers (or other specific objects) by […]

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