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Job Title: Now Retired, previously 9 years in chemistry research, then 26 years school science technician

Organisation: J. Bibby & Sons and Lancashire County Council

Qualifications: O.N.C. Chemistry, O.N.C. Mathematics, Polymaths and ‘O’ levels.

My position is probably quite different to most people’s as I am now retired. Mathematics was always my favourite subject, I would have liked to become a teacher of mathematics, but family circumstances meant that I needed to earn a living rather than take a degree.

My second choice was chemistry, I studied on day release whilst working in the laboratory. Work included research into carcinogens, and vitamin e, I also had the task of collating all the statistics from around Great Britain for the Association of Fatty Acid Distributors. Once my family were old enough, I resumed work as a School Science Technician, where my job included helping children in the classroom, setting up equipment, stocktaking and ordering chemicals, books and glassware, photocopying and even teaching, especially Physics.

Skills that I feel are essential for the above jobs and in fact any jobs, are: accuracy, team work, good time keeping and a sense of humour!

Opportunity occurred for me two years ago after seeing an advertisement for a Polymaths course at John Moores University Liverpool, I found this course extremely interesting and thought provoking. I have now just finished my first year of a degree course in business mathematics at the same University. I am hopeful that my ambition can still be achieved, i.e. help adults or children with mathematics on a voluntary basis.

My advice to anyone is never to give up hope of pursuing their chosen career, if one door closes look for another door, and age is not a problem.