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Born and raised in Milton Keynes in 1970, I left school with A levels in Geography, History and Maths and achieved a place at Plymouth University in 1989. The course was a Combined Honours degree with major in Maths but also included Oceanography, Meteorology and Astronomy. This was a perfect combination for me because of my keen interest in all subjects. By year two I specialised in Maths, taking mainly applied mathematical options. I immensely enjoyed the course, the teaching was to a very high standard and the subject matter itself varied enough to keep my options open afterwards.

I went on to complete a masters degree in Applied Marine Sciences, sponsored by NERC.

Applying for a job as a weather forecaster at the Met Office I found myself well qualified. My degree thesis in atmospherics dynamics was probably the reason why I was initially short-listed for the job, although the job criteria included Maths or physics degree and a masters in an applied science.

After an intensive 5 month residential Met Office course in meteorology I worked for two years at London Weather Centre as a forecaster and media broadcaster on radio. I then took up a position at Norwich weather centre with similar duties as well as a part time role as weather presenter on Anglia TV.

In 1999 I returned to London to present on Carlton tv. In 2000 I joined the GMTV team as weather presenter and producer where part of my duties involve all weather output as well as other science related stories. The broad basis of my degree and masters has held me in good stead for this position. I do miss the academic life in Plymouth which I class as some of the best days of my life.