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Name: Karrie Liu CMath MIMA

Job Title:

  • Consultant – Healthcare analytic (IQVIA)
  • Member of the Advisory Board for Department of Mathematics at the University of York

Number of years in current position:

  • Working as a Consultant for 1 year and working in the NHS as a Business Intelligence Manager for the previous 7 years.
  • Was invited to be on the Advisory Board 18 months ago and have been on the board since.


  • BSc in Mathematics at the University of York
  • MSc in Mathematics with Modern Applications at the University of York
  • MSc in Statistical Epidemiology at the University of Leeds

Briefly describe the organisation you work for.

QuintilesIMS is a company which delivers integrated information and technology solutions to help drive healthcare forward.  It uses Human Data Science to help improve healthcare outcomes for all.

Explain what you do on an average day at work.

My daily job involves transforming data into useful information for the NHS and healthcare services, as well as helping managers and decision makers to get more insight into what is actually happening on the frontline.

What do you like most about your job?

I feel like I am helping other people and the community by doing something that I am good at and enjoy.

What stimulated your interest in maths, and when?

I loved maths and was good at it from a very young age; honestly, I did not have any idea what I wanted to do when I grew up, I just wanted to do something with numbers.

What influenced your career choice?

My grandma passed away in an Ambulance when she had a heart attack and I would like to understand more what happened to her. That is why I wanted to work in the healthcare sector and to improve people’s quality of life by using data and Maths.

Which skills do you consider to be essential for your job?

Loving numbers, being willing to learn and not being afraid to ask any questions – No one knows everything and we are all still learning everyday.

Any advice you may have for other individuals considering your career path.

Again I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask any questions.  I also work in London which is an international city –  it is always good to keep an open mind and embrace different cultures.

Your future career plans.

I want to be in a position to bring the NHS, academic research organisations and private companies to work together more closely, as everybody needs healthcare services at some stage of life. Even though organisations have different focuses, we all want to have a better quality of life in the future. I also want to meet other like-minded intelligent people to take these goals forward.