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Believe it or not, maths hasn’t been around forever, and all the ideas you learn at school had to be dreamt up by a mathematician from the past. We want you to pick one of these historical mathematicians and design an A4 poster about them. Do a little digging and find out the things they don’t teach in your maths lessons – who were these mathematicians? What were their lives like? How did they come up with their great mathematical ideas? The best two posters from readers aged 11-13 and 14-16 will win a £100 Amazon Voucher, and we’ll also put your posters on the Maths Careers website for everyone to see! There’ll also be ten smaller prizes and certificates for each age group for those posters that don’t win but which really impress the judges. These will be put on the Maths Careers website as well!

You can download our own poster of Carl Friedrich Gauss in PDF form here.

The winners for the Poster Competition 2011-12 are:

For the 11-13 age group:


Vinooja Thurairethinam,
Aged 13,
Rooks Heath College in South Harrow.
View poster (JPG, 260Kb)
Download poster (PDF, 1.7Mb)


For the 14-16 age group:

Elle Lane & Astrid Harris
Both aged 15,
Wilmslow High School, Cheshire
View poster (JPG, 212Kb)
Download poster (PDF, 331Kb)


The runners-up for the 11-13 age group were:

Harriet Miller,
Aged 12,
Peebles High School, Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland
View poster (JPG, 211Kb)



Max Leon Mark Allanson,
Aged 12,
Altrincham Grammar School For Boys, Cheshire
View poster (JPG, 215Kb)



Yan Hui Shi,
Aged 11,
The Liverpool Blue Coat School, Liverpool
View poster (JPG, 115Kb)


Hannah Malloy, Eilidh Henderson, Alex Bridgewater
Aged 13,
Linwood High School, Scotland
View poster (JPG, 238Kb)



Josie McPherson
Aged 12,
The Cherwell School, Oxford
View poster (JPG, 261Kb)



Neena Jamal,
Aged 12,
Lea Manor High School, Luton
View poster (JPG, 294Kb)



Saima Syed,
Aged 11,
Woodford County High School, Essex
View poster (JPG, 230Kb)


Lydia Reeve-Crook,
Aged 12,
Cirencester Kingshill School, Gloucestershire
View poster (JPG, 263Kb)



EsmeeHowley_poster2Esmee Howley,
Aged 11,
McAuley Catholic High School, Doncaster
View poster (JPG, 302Kb)


The runners-up for the 14-16 age group were:

Sanzida Rahman
Aged 14,
The Winston Churchill School, Surrey
View poster (JPG, 142Kb)


Ellie Atkinson,
Aged 14,
Newstead Wood School, Kent
View poster (JPG, 208Kb)


Joshua Bray,
Aged 14,
Healing school- a science academy, North East Lincolnshire
View poster (JPG, 173Kb)


Chloë Mansfield,
Aged 14,
Healing school- a science academy, North East Lincolnshire
View poster (JPG, 268Kb)


Beckie Carmichael,
Aged 14,
Healing school- a science academy, North East Lincolnshire
View poster (JPG, 259Kb)


Robert Lobo,
Aged 16,
St. Olave’s Grammar School, Kent
View poster (JPG, 228Kb)



Charlotte Man,
Aged 15,
Bury Grammar School Girls, Lancashire
View poster (JPG, 136Kb)


Rachel Waller,
Aged 14,
Bury Grammar School Girls, Lancashire
View poster (JPG, 242Kb)


Alannah Travers & Louise Isaac
Aged 15,
Uffculme School, Devon
View poster (JPG, 342Kb)


Laurice Yusuf,
Aged 14,
Stopsley High School, Luton
View poster (JPG, 132Kb)


Congratulations to all winners and runners-up and thanks to all participants for the brilliant posters you sent us!! We had more than 900 entries!