11-14 bannerYou might already be thinking about your future, but have you thought about the part maths could play? Maths opens up a world of possibilities and expands your choices in the future. No matter how the world changes, maths will always be at the heart of life. Your future has some very attractive possibilities if it involves maths. Quite simply, maths not only helps you understand the world, it also opens up a world of opportunities!

With maths, you’re really learning two things. One is the useful ways that people have developed to make life easier for themselves. For example, knowing area formulas is a lot easier than drawing tiny squares on everything and counting them all. Once you know the formulas and facts, you can use them to help you in everyday life with things like buying enough paint, dyeing your hair, or choosing a good bank account.

If you have an idea of what you want to do later in life, it’s a fair bet maths will be useful for that as well. With a maths qualification you could be involved in developing new types of mountain bikes, computer animation, music technology, mobile phones and protecting the environment for future generations. Mathematicians also work in banking, law and publishing. Even ambitions that don’t directly relate maths can benefit from it, because the second thing you learn from the subject is a way of thinking.

Maths teaches you to think logically. This can help make you better at problem-solving – not just maths problems but anything life may throw at you. Solving problems is satisfying, useful and highly valued – and so is maths. Maths gives us the chance to make the world a better place. So whichever career path you decide is best for you keep your options open with maths.

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