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Since relaunching the Maths Careers website in December 2009, we’ve been working hard to bring you loads of new and exciting content and we hope that you’re enjoyed reading about all the places maths can take you. So far we’ve covered everything from animation to zombies, but perhaps there’s something you think we’ve missed?

Maths Careers writersIf so, we want you to challenge our young writers, Kate Oliver and Jacob Aron, to uncover the maths behind the topic of your choice. Maybe you’d like to know how maths powers your favourite gadget, or how people use mathematical skills in their everyday lives – whatever it is, let us know. We’ll choose the best three ideas from readers aged 11-14, 14-16, and 16-19, then write them up on the Maths Careers website. Winners will also receive a £100 token as a thank-you from all of us at the Maths Careers team, so why not enter today?

The competition is now closed. Thank you for sending us your ideas!


The winners are:


Maddie White, Aged 12, from St. George’s College, Surrey (11-14 age group)

Katie Reardon, Aged 15, also from St. George’s College, Surrey (14-16 age group)