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Industrial Mathematics shorter Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), are postgraduate internships that offer a new way of putting mathematics to work at the heart of business. The programme places a current UK-based PhD student into a company for a period of between 3 and 6 months, to carry out a stand-alone project that develops or exploits some capability in industrial mathematics.

The internship programme, now in its fourth year, has covered a wide range of sectors and business challenges. The case studies shown below describe a selection of these internships. They highlight how each project was approached, the outcomes achieved, and the benefits to the companies, universities and students involved.

Keeping things moving (PDF, 1.03Mb)

Integrated modelling of asset maintenance and support

A case study by LSC Group Ltd / University of Salford

Shop till you drop (PDF, 3.27Mb)

Agent-based model of consumer choice

A case study by Unilever plc / UCL

Out of harm’s way (PDF, 1.98Mb)

A simulation model of the underwriting cycle

A case study by ACE Limited / Brunel University

Mix it up (PDF, 2.75Mb)

Portfolio optimisation using insurance market data

A case study by Lloyd’s of London / Brunel University

Don’t be late (PDF, 1.3Mb)

Optimal trip planning in the presence of random delays

A case study by BT / University of Birmingham

The great leap (PDF, 1.33Mb)

Modelling of diving springboards

A case study by British Swimming / Sheffield Hallam University

Touchdown (PDF, 1.92Mb)

Analysing flight test data for improving brake safety

A case study by Airbus / Glasgow Caledonian University

Where the wind blows (PDF, 2.59Mb)

Anti-correlation of wind fleet output for transmission planning

A case study by National Grid / UCL

Keeping an eye on diabetes (PDF, 1.11Mb)

A novel glucose measurement device

A case study by Lein Applied Diagnostic Ltd / University of Southampton

Automatic checking (PDF, 2.43Mb)

Formal models and formal requirements

A case study by Airbus / University of Edinburgh

Weathering the storm (PDF, 1.27Mb)

Probabilistic networks for climate risk

A case study by Met Office / LSE / University of Exeter

Taking a new turn (PDF, 1.29Mb)

Hybrid approaches for real-world constrained portfolio selection problems

A case study by Numerical Algorithms Group / University of Nottingham

On the fast track (PDF, 2Mb)

Using a graphics processing unit in oilfield reservoir simulation

A case study by Roxar / Bournemouth University

Don’t get the bends (PDF, 284Kb)

A unified decompression model for divers

A case study by VR Technology Ltd / University College London / University of Birmingham

Many hands make light work (PDF, 4.58Mb)

Placement strategy optimisation for reinsurance programmes

A case study by Willis Re / University of Oxford

See in a new light (PDF, 2.16Mb)

Dynamic image based lighting for highly realistic lighting in building design

A case study by Arup / University of Warwick

Knowing it backwards (PDF, 3.31Mb)

Iterative deconvolution method for well test data

A case study by Paradigm / OCCAM, University of Oxford

A new lease of life (PDF, 846Kb)

Estimation of droplet collision rates in a spray drying tower

A case study by Procter & Gamble / University of Strathclyde

What smell? (PDF, 1.37Mb)

Building a predictive model of axillary malodour

A case study by Unilever / University of Nottingham

How low can you go? (PDF, 705Kb)

Analysis of errors in next generation digital circuits

A case study by ARM Holdings plc / University of Edinburgh

I can see clearly now… (PDF, 2.25MB)

Coded aperture imaging and optical correlation

A case study by Cambridge Correlators / MBDA / University of Sheffield

Smart imaging (PDF, 1.76Mb)

Compressive single-pixel imaging

A case study by SELEX Galileo / University of Edinburgh

Clearing up the clutter (PDF, 1.73Mb)

Clutter mapping for radar trackers

A case study by Thales UK / University of Bath

A step change in speed (PDF, 1.9Mb)

Reinsurance strategy optimisation

A case study by Willis Re / King’s College London

Smart power for homes (PDF, 398Kb)

Merging electricity markets with domestic storage

A case study by IBM UK Ltd / University of Manchester

Look before you leap (PDF, 632Kb)

Modelling propensity to buy for uk businesses

A case study by Level Business Limited / Nothumbria University

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